Fire Extinguishers, Blankets & Accessories

It is imperative that as a business or a public facility you provide the necessary equipment for people to deal with fire quickly and safely should an emergency arise.

There are several different types of fire extinguishers that are to be used on fires started by different types of causes; providing extinguishers that can tackle all types of fires is a saftey step that you can easily take!

Fire Classification:
CLASS A: Paper, wood, textiles - Water/Foam/Dry Powder
CLASS B: Flammable liquids eg: Petrol, oil, paints etc - Foam/CO2 Gas/ Dry Powder
CLASS C: Flammable gases - CO2 Gas/Dry Foam
Electrical Hazard - CO2 Gas/Dry Powder
Vehicle Protection - Foam/CO2 Gas/Dry Powder

Fire Extinguishers, Blankets & Accessories
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