Training Packages

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Jangro (Leicester) Ltd provide training courses tailored specifically to your organisation, be it a school, nursing home, hospital, factory, offices, restaurant, or children's nurseries.

In addition to traditional training, where we send out a trainer free of charge to your site to deliver the topics you require for your teams, Jangro also now offer online training with a wealth of information on health and safety, COSHH, colour coding, and much more. 

Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS)

Jangro has always strived to be the best at everything they set out to do.  Products will always be what set us apart from the rest of our competitors, but it's those little extra's that help us to keep out in front of the crowd.

Supplying COSHH data sheets has been a standard for every group and company that sell chemicals in our industry; Jangro was one of the first to supply Product Usage Guides across our range of chemicals followed by the introduction of Risk Assessments but not just for chemicals but also basic cleaning tasks too.

Jangro then introduced the Jangro Training Solution, which was designed to encompass everything about Jangro and our approach - quality of product, detailed level of service, price and most importantly after sales support.

Jangro soon realised that training in the classroom isn't always the easiest, efficient or most cost effective way to approach training in our ever expanding industry.  With large numbers of staff needing even basic training in the work place just to start a shift, something needed to change.

Jangro needed a blended learning experience where a whole company could learn at different times of the day even different locations.  Learn socially and dynamically any time of the day any day of the week and here at Jangro we believe we have found the answer.

Jangro LMS is a new fully interactive suite of e-Learning and m-Learning modules which will be available over the internet either by your laptop or desktop in the office or even on your way home on the train using any Apple iOS, or Android device.

A truly amazing interactive training solution brought to you by Jangro.

To access the online training, go to, register your account, check your email to validate your account.  You are then ready to log in and start learning.

What is the Jangro Solution?

Why do you need it?
With the Jangro Solution, you can be assured that your operatives are working efficiently, using the right products at appropriate dilutions, in suitable areas, by approved techniques in a regime that meets Health & Safety requirements.

The development of the well trained workforce will have many added benefits:

  • Increased Cost Effectiveness
  • Increased Staff Morale
  • Increased Business Development Opportunities

Each of the 11 sections offers a complete back up service for your training requirements and comes in a variety of media including:

  • Training Video/CD
  • Training Manuals
  • Video presentations
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Training Courses
  • Wall Charts
  • Certificates

On-site Training

The courses cover aspects that relate directly to the jobs of the attendees. For example, a module is for cleaners, one for care staff and premises officers, one for managers and supervisors, etc. This is so the attendees are not overloaded with information outside of their areas of responsibilities. Key information on certain topics will remain the same no matter who is sitting the course.

All our training is explained in easy to follow language and terminology. Step by step “idiot guides” and video presentations are not used to insult people's intelligence, but to assist in a greater understanding of the topic. One of the biggest barriers in training is the fact that it is human nature to hide at the back and not ask questions.

Training matters, it is through quality training that safe working practices, motivation and self-worth are easily achieved.

All training is backed with individual manuals and training records. Impressive certificates are given that can take pride of place on your organisations wall; your visitors need to see your organisation is both caring and educated on key issues.

Training can be carried out either at our training centre or at your premises. For sites within a 50 mile radius of Leicester there are no additional expenses charged.

Training fees vary dependant on the course and the number of attendees.

Some of the topics available are as follows:

Module 1

  • General health and safety
  • Safe working practices/systems of work
  • Colour coding
  • Safe dilution of chemicals
    Time: 1.5 hours

Module 2

  • COSHH and CHIP
  • General health and safety
  • Safe working practices
  • Risk assessments
  • Colour coding
  • Safe dilution of chemicals
  • Biological hazards
  • Motivating staff/getting the best from your team
  • Disciplinary procedures/action
    Time: 1 day

Module 3

Floor care theory and practical session

This is built around your sites exact machinery and floor types. It is particularly useful for the novice floor buffer or complete beginner as we build their confidence and show them easy ways to get started that is done at their pace until they are confidant and competent. It also covers basic maintenance, hazard spotting and safe manual handling of the machinery.
Time: 3.5 hours

Module 4

Carpet cleaning theory and practical session

This is based around the exact equipment and carpets on your premises. It includes spot and stain removal, odour control, the advantages and disadvantages of different procedures, basic maintenance, manual handling of equipment and safe working practices.
Time: 3.5 hours or a 1 day full in-depth course covering the above and lots more.