Manager Approval and Budget Control

red text on a white background saying Manager Approval and Budget Control with an image of a red approved ink stamp on the white background

Easily manage your account with set budgets and controls.

Our system allows you to set budgets for each person that orders or by each site that places orders. This will allow you to set up an agreed amount that can be spent per week/month/quarter without approval.

For example, it could be set up, so each site/delivery address has its online portal and monthly budget. Each site can view its budget and how much remains at any time. If they go over their approved budget, it is sent automatically to a set contact of your choosing for approval. They can then approve, amend or decline the order.

We can even build dashboards so area managers can see at a glance, how much each of their sites is spending.

You will benefit from a fast, efficient, and streamlined purchasing workflow, whilst retaining control on what is being spent.