Housekeeping Chemicals
Image for Metal Polishes Metal Polishes

Cleans, polishes and restores all metals like bass, copper, silver, stainless steel, alumiium, chrome as well as fibreglass, ...
Image for Multi Purpose Cleaners Multi Purpose Cleaners

Jangro have a range of multi purpose cleaners to cover all your cleaning tasks and help maintain a clean and fresh environmen...
Image for Heavy Duty Cleaners Heavy Duty Cleaners

If its brickwork, paving stones or patios to degreasing garages and engineering workshops, Jangro has the right product for t...
Image for Disinfectants & Sanitisers Disinfectants & Sanitisers

Sanitisers and disinfectants to manage infection control within your industry.
Image for Sterilising Solutions Sterilising Solutions

Keep your equipment clean and free from germs with our sterilising solutions!
Image for Bleach and Bleach Products Bleach and Bleach Products

Whether you are looking for a product to cling to the surface or for general cleaning and disinfecting.  Jangro has a so...
Image for Glass & Mirror/Stainless Steel Cleaners Glass & Mirror/Stainless Steel Cleaners

Our Glass and Mirror cleaner is second to none.  If you are looking for spotless windows and sparkling stainless steel, ...
Image for Odour Neutralisers Odour Neutralisers

  If you are looking for an effective odour neutraliser, look no further!Jangro have a range of products that will comba...
Image for Furniture Polish Furniture Polish

Jangro offer a range of multi surface polishes, from water based to was based polishes!
Image for Sink & Drain Maintainers/Cleaners Sink & Drain Maintainers/Cleaners

Jangro have a solution for all drain problems, check out what we have to offer to suit your needs
Image for Insecticide & Bug Spray Insecticide & Bug Spray

Flies are a nuisiance and bugs are worse, Jangro has the pesticide for you!