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Matting Systems
Image for Trap Mats Trap Mats

Suitable for indoor or outside use. The heavy vinyl backing keeps Trap Mats in place, the vinyl coils form ridges that stop ...
Image for Fall Thru Matting Fall Thru Matting

Grit and dirt is scraped from shoes by the vinyl coils then falls through the unbacked mat. 22 colours available. Size 120cm ...
Image for Scraper Mats Scraper Mats

Reinforced fibres act like thousands of tiny micro brushes that remove dirt and dust from the soles of shoes. Extremely dura...
Image for NEW LINE Contract Master Mats NEW LINE Contract Master Mats

The vinyl backed version of Hygiene-pro. Can be cleaned by spray extraction or vacuum cleaning. Colours: Green, Black/White,...
Image for Logo Mats Logo Mats

An ideal way to show off company with four easy steps to order. These are made from 100% nylon, edged all round, making them...
Image for Ringo Mats Ringo Mats

Provide a safe resilient floor. The open construction allows drainage and reduces slip.
Image for Brush Mats Brush Mats

The ideal solution where mud is a problem.
Image for Flex Mats Flex Mats

Allow you to create anti-fatigue areas simply and easily.
Image for Ultimat Mats Ultimat Mats

The original rain mat designed to ensure that water is absorbed within the mat and not carried onto the foyer floor. Manufact...
Product Description
Image for HK393-BL FRONTLINE MAT 90x150cm Blue/Black