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Traditional Wipers
Image for Jangro SWP Label Wiper Jangro SWP Label Wiper

Best white sheeting wiper. Low lint and super absorbent for specialist users. This grade is metal detected.
Image for Jangro Silver Label Wiper Jangro Silver Label Wiper

Coloured terry towel wiper. Super absorbent, super soft. An all round high quality wiping cloth.
Image for Jangro Gold Label Wiper Jangro Gold Label Wiper

Best white wiper. White cotton rich, very absorbent, used in all industries for wiping down surfaces/grease/hands. This grad...
Image for Jangro Yellow Label Wipes Jangro Yellow Label Wipes

Light cotton rich wiper. As Gold Label only coloured instead of white. This grade is metal detected.
Image for Jangro Blue Label Wipes Jangro Blue Label Wipes

Coloured hosiery wiper. Very absorbent and very soft. Good for heavier spills and thicker grease/oil/paint and chemicals.
Image for Stockinette Roll 800gm Stockinette Roll 800gm

800gm roll, 100% cotton. Excellent polishing cloth and all-round absorbent textile.