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Tabletop Products
Image for Dispenser Napkins 1 ply Dispenser Napkins 1 ply

For hygienic and controlled usage. Ideal for busy catering outlets. 24 x24cm. 7200 Napkins.
Image for Single Ply Serviettes Single Ply Serviettes

Economy priced napkin for general presentation. 33 x 33cm. 5004 serviettes.
Image for Cocktail Napkins Cocktail Napkins

Ideal in the bar to absorb condensation and spillages. 23 x 23cm. 3000 napkins.
Image for Luncheon Napkins Luncheon Napkins

For light lunches, snacks and bar catering. 33 x 33cm. 2000 napkins.
Image for Dinner Napkins 2ply Dinner Napkins 2ply

Suitable for all food occasions from morning to evening. 39 x 39cm.
Image for Dinner Napkins 3 Ply Dinner Napkins 3 Ply

Quality napkins where presentation is all important. 39 x 39cm. 1200 napkins.
Image for Linstyle Napkin Linstyle Napkin

39cm x 39cm
Image for Linstyle Tablecloth Linstyle Tablecloth

White, 120cm x 120cm
Image for Linstyle Slip Cover Linstyle Slip Cover

White, 90cm x 90cm