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Kitchen Powders and Tablets
Image for Destaining Powder Destaining Powder

A white destaining powder with a gentle action. Safe to use on all crockery. Removes stains effectively and economically.
Image for Dishwash Powder Dishwash Powder

Concentrated formula for maximum economy to remove tea and coffee stains from all crockery and control the build-up of scale ...
Image for Dishwasher Tablets 3 in 1 (150 per tub) Dishwasher Tablets 3 in 1 (150 per tub)

Designed to give the exact amount of detergent for each wash. Penetrates deep into stubborn, dried-on and baked food leaving ...
Image for Hydrosoft Granular Salt Hydrosoft Granular Salt

Natural crystal salt for use in water softeners and dishwashers.
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Image for BB171 Glaze All-In-One Dishwash Tablets