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Car Valeting Products
Image for Jangro Silicone Spray Jangro Silicone Spray

A multi-purpose lubricant and polish for metals, plastics and other hard surfaces. Prevents squeaks and provides a medium hi...
Image for Jangro De-icer Jangro De-icer

Advanced formula to quickly clear frost and ice from windscreens and windows. Use to unfreeze lock mechanisms.
Image for Apple Tag Ups (Tub) Apple Tag Ups (Tub)

Easy to use perfumed tag containing a powerful apple fragrance to freshen any area, including offices, toilets and vehicles e...
Image for Microcell Wash Sponge Microcell Wash Sponge

Non scratch, dual sided soft wash sponge.
Image for Microwipe Giant Glass Cloth 60x80cm Microwipe Giant Glass Cloth 60x80cm

Microfibre cloth which can be used wet or dry to make any cleaning job easier. Ideal for windows, mirrors and the final fini...
Image for Full Skin Chamois Leather Full Skin Chamois Leather

High quality leather. Full skin leather approximately 60cm square.
Image for Colour Coded Buckets Colour Coded Buckets

2 gallon Round Bucket. Blue, green, red & yellow.