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Infection Control
Image for Jangro Medical Sanitiser Jangro Medical Sanitiser

Effective against a wide range of bacteria including E-coli and MRSA and also the virus that cause Hepatitis B and HIV. Idea...
Image for Jangro Cleaner Disinfectant Jangro Cleaner Disinfectant

Disinfects, cleans and deodorises in one application. Kills MRSA and passes EN 1276.
Image for Jangro Alcohol Gel Hand Rub Jangro Alcohol Gel Hand Rub

Alcohol based skin disinfectant. Will evaporate from hands and kill bacteria almost immediately without leaving a residue or...
Image for Cleaner Disinfectant Surface Wipes Cleaner Disinfectant Surface Wipes

Impregnated wipes with bactericidal cleaning solution. Kills the bacteria that causes H1N1, MRSA, E-coli and most other bact...
Image for Sanitaire Sanitaire

Absorbent powder with a subtle floral fragrance for use in all emergency situations where body spills require special care.
Image for Infection Control Wallchart Infection Control Wallchart

Jangro has developed a unique wall chart providing guidance on the safe removal of body fluid spills and sharps.
Image for Sharps Disposal Kit Sharps Disposal Kit

Effectively aids the removal, containment and disposal of sharps. Comes in a Clear First Aid Kit Box with Label.
Image for Sharps Disposal Bin Sharps Disposal Bin

Available as 0.6ltr or 4ltr containers.
Image for Bio Hazard Kit Bio Hazard Kit

Designed to effectively remove body fluids (blood, vomit, urine) safely and to disinfect the area.
Image for Clinell - Universal Sanitising Wipes Clinell - Universal Sanitising Wipes

Developed by doctors. Used by professionals. Contains a patented formula, which cleans and disinfects in one easy step. Su...
Image for Clinell - Wall Mounted Dispensers Clinell - Wall Mounted Dispensers

Provide a convenient way to both access and store several types of Clinell products. The dispensers are designed for maximum...
Image for Clinell - Antibacterial Hand Wipes Clinell - Antibacterial Hand Wipes

NHS Approved and alcohol free these wipes clean and disinfect hands in one easy step. Hand hygiene is very important to prev...
Image for Clinell - Hand and Surface Sanitiser/Disinfectant Spray Clinell - Hand and Surface Sanitiser/Disinfectant Spray

NHS approved and alcohol free this spray contains the same powerful formula as used in Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes. ...
Image for Clinell - Sporicidal Wipes Clinell - Sporicidal Wipes

NHS approved and alcohol free, once activated with water it is proven to kill all known micro-organisums, including Swine Flu...
Image for Polythene Apron Polythene Apron

Strong polythene aprons resistant to fluid and bacteria. 69x107cm. 100 flat pack.
Image for Polythene Apron on a Roll Polythene Apron on a Roll

Strong polythene aprons resistant to fluid and bacteria. 69x107cm. 200 per roll.
Image for Apron Dispenser Apron Dispenser

White plastic dispenser. Fits rolls up to 69cm width.
Image for Duo Glove & Apron Dispenser Duo Glove & Apron Dispenser

Conveniently holds three boxes of gloves and oneroll of 69cm width aprons. Plastic.
Image for Automatic Shoe Covers Automatic Shoe Covers

Quick and efficient dispenses a clean wrapping cover around the shoe.
Image for Dry Patient Wipes Dry Patient Wipes

Soft and absorbent cleansing wipe with a woven textile feel. Using a special blend of non-woven fabric which has the benefit...
Image for Latex Gloves Latex Gloves

Top quality glove with rolled cuff. Provide excellent protection, ambidextrous and comfortable. Conforms to BS EN455. Boxe...
Image for Glove Box Holders Glove Box Holders

Transparent plastic holder, available in two sizes.